Promote relevant legislation and strictly comply with the regulations, formulate planning and management measures and implement them

Published: 14 November 2015
Last edited: 12 February 2020

In order to strengthen the protection of the park, make rational use of natural resources, and ensure the sustainable development of the park, a regulation on the protection of the park was issued and implemented in 2007. Wudalianchi Geological Park became the first geological park implementing protection and supervision with legislative support in China. A master plan was developed for the development of the park for 2007 – 2025, to formulate the development objectives of resource protection, tourism, agriculture and forestry. The park has formulated more than 100 regulatory work systems in 8 aspects, including atmosphere, water, geological remains, forestry, grassland and biology. A comprehensive inspection team of 120 people from departments of environmental protection, homeland, planning, forestry and others was also established. Since 2003, more than 20 cases of resource destruction have been investigated and dealt with, effectively reduced the impact of human activities on the environment of the core area and buffer zone. All these measures are to ensure the protection and development of the park have laws and regulations to follow, the management is rational, and the management is done by capable professionals.


Legal and policy frameworks, policy advocacy
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

A Management Committee was set up in 2000 to be in charge of planning, conservation, park development, scientific research and tourism, to ensure implementations are in compliance with regulations and rules. Monitoring and assessment are conducted. Revenues are from government financial support, ticket income and national special funds, thus Wudalianchi Management Committee has long maintained an independent status to stay unbiased.  All the decisions made are guaranteed fair and are on the premise of priority of ecological protection.

Lessons learned

Since Heilongjiang Province was the first one in China made legislation to rule the protection and management of the park, there had been inevitable imperfections in the process of making and implementing the laws and regulations. Although over the years, the Management Committee has made the effort to modify and improve the regulations and the procedures, Wudalianchi locates in a remote area, the closest big city is Harbin, outreach and exchange are not as easy and convenient as those that locate in easy-to-access areas, thus there is improvement, but it could be more. Wudalianchi would like to be more pro-active to establish academic/research collaboration, engage more experts/partners to provide valuable economic, social and protection experiences (or even lessons learned) in achieving the balance between ecological protection and human development. It is always efficient to learn from others and avoid the wrong paths.

In addition, due to the same reasons, it’s not as easy to recruit staff with the capacities the park needs as in other more developed areas.