Leadership Training

Published: 08 July 2020
Last edited: 22 September 2020

It is essential that the group has a leader who organizes and inspires young people to join the puppet program. The success of each activity depends on the leader being able to motivate his or her team, constantly innovate and seek growth opportunities for all.


Alliance and partnership development
Communication, outreach and awareness building
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Documentation and dissemination of results

Enabling factors

1. Parental support. Some of these children are minors and without parental support it is difficult to form a group.

2. Support should be provided by organizations that are willing to support the leaders of each theatre group. The young people of Yaxcabá have previously participated in personal training programs offered by organizations working in the area.

Lessons learned

Age is not an impediment, and in the case of rural communities, children are forced to grow and mature much faster than in cities.