Ongoing training

Published: 08 July 2020
Last edited: 22 September 2020

This program requires ongoing training. In addition to personal growth issues, training sessions include identifying problems, creating a script, developing a theatrical production, creating puppets, and holding acting classes.


Collection of baseline and monitoring data and knowledge
Communication, outreach and awareness building
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

1. The support of non-governmental organizations, in this case FONCET and Vientos Culturales, has been key to the creation of the group.

2. The willingness of young people to continue learning and to constantly seek to have new works to bring new messages to the communities.

3. Correct information: The plays combine fun and entertainment with education, and it is important that the educational part is true in order to educate correctly, so the support of experts is required.

Lessons learned

It is important to make alliances with organizations as there are different training sessions for different topics and you have to be willing to work with two or more organizations and learn the best from each one of them.