Establishement of Kayirabwa Chimpanzee Conservancy for conservation and protection of wildlife migratory routes in northern Albertine rift forests, western Uganda

Publicado: 21 Julio 2021
Última edición: 21 Julio 2021

These corridor forests are disappearing quickly and if these findings are not acted upon soon there will be little corridor forest left to conserve and most of these species will become extinct in this region. There is a need for the Ministry of Water, Energy and the Environment, the District Environmental offices and the National Forest Authority to move ahead quickly with providing economic and financial incentives to enable these corridor forests to receive funding as soon as they can to offset the current incentives to destroy the forest for agriculture. 


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Enabling factors

  • Presence of Kihaimira Central Forest Reserve as core area
  • Local support for chimpanzee conservation
  • Great Potential for agro-ecotourism
  • Great potential for nature based enterprises eg. bee keeping
  • Conducive government policies

Lessons learned

A corridor forests east of Lake Albert are rich in biodiversity, they contain many of the species that may require connectivity to remain viable in the larger forest blocks, and they are likely to be playing a functional role in terms of connecting meta-populations of these species. There is a need to find incentives for land owners who have forest on their land in the corridors to conserve these forests in order to maintain these functional roles.

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