Awareness and formation of a revitalization group

Publié: 04 novembre 2019
Dernière modification: 04 novembre 2019

Through this stage, we sought to sensitize the regional community about the importance of revitalizing watercourses through the implementation of efficient public policies capable of involving regional managers, command and control entities, community, partners and representatives of the 6 municipal governments. This action resulted in the holding of Regional Events and Meetings to discuss the theme with those involved, allowing contributions from partners and the creation of the “Ribeirão Quilombo Revitalization Group”, coordinated by the Consórcio PCJ.

Agreement of those involved in the promotion of revitalization actions of the Ribeirão Quilombo, indicating the Schedule of Actions to be undertaken by each of the municipalities to meet the existing demands in the areas of macrodrainage, forest recovery and sanitation.


Communication et sensibilisation
Échelle de la mise en œuvre

Facteurs de réussite

For the Pactuation of the agents involved in the revitalization of the Ribeirão Quilombo it was necessary to create the “Ribeirão Quilombo Revitalization Group”. For the creation of this group, discussions were held with the rulers of the municipalities involved by the Ribeirão Quilombo Sub-basin as well as with the regional community, alerting them of the importance of revitalizing the river for the region. This process required several meetings, coordinated by the Consórcio PCJ, with the government, sanitation companies and civil society.

Enseignements tirés

It can be highlighted that after the formation of the “Revitalization Group” the municipal governments started to have a different look at the Basin. Each municipality, aware of the importance of the revitalization of the Ribeirão Quilombo, to guarantee quality water for the population as well as to preserve the local nature; began to invest both human and material resources in actions aimed at the recovery and preservation of the river. For this, the agents of each municipality could be guided by the Diagnosis of the Ribeirão Quilombo Basin, previously elaborated.