Solutions for a Healthy Planet

Cross-sectoral, global learning and exchange

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Solution in focus

Multimedia article Solutions in Focus

Community-led and shared governance of marine protected and conserved areas

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EbA solutions as part of UNFCCC report

“Adaptation addressing ecosystems”

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Explore applied solutions from around the globe

PANORAMA is a partnership promoting examples of inspiring, replicable solutions across a range of conservation and development topics, to enable cross-sectoral learning and upscaling of successes.
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PANORAMA - Solutions for a healthy planet

Thematic Portals

PANORAMA promotes cross-sectoral learning. Explore solutions from various topics in the thematic portals!

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Find out how you can leverage others’ success stories to address challenges in YOUR work.

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What have YOU done that worked? Share your inspiring solution!

Thematic Portals

Protected areas

161 Solutions

Marine and coastal

135 Solutions

Ecosystem-based Adaptation

51 Solutions

Agriculture and biodiversity

16 Solutions