Facelift for the PANORAMA web platform: A sneak peek

20 Julio 2023 Marie Fischborn
SixEleven / IUCN new PANORAMA map explorer
© SixEleven / IUCN

Do you like the current PANORAMA web platform? Then you can look forward to an even better version of it launching by end 2023! A major revamp of the site is underway, to improve the user experience for finding and contributing solution case studies, connecting with each other and exploring PANORAMA resources such as publications. The new platform will be a website built for people, around people and about people and their knowledge. 


The new site will, among many other features, include a map-based solution explorer, an improved homepage that will allow users to enter the solutions portfolio in a playful and intuitive way, and an improved solution submission and review workflow. It will support translation into a number of languages and make it even easier for users to contribute their own experiences as solution case studies.


The current website was launched in 2016 and since then, it has only had minor functionality updates to improve it. As technology evolves and the partnership is growing, the web platform needs to be updated.


The web platform upgrade will: 

  • Improve user experience: Serving a diverse range of users so that they can quickly find what they need and explore content
  • Support strategic positioning: The platform will continue to serve as the backbone of the PANORAMA knowledge and learning initiative, as it expands its dominant role as a “go-to” resource for good practices in nature conservation and broader sustainable development. 
  • Enhance interoperability and future orientation: The platform will be more strongly oriented towards interaction with other relevant web platforms. 
  • Maintain security and improve reliability: The current site is overextended from a techonological point of view, causing complications as well as security and reliability issues. 

Following extensive research and consultations on user needs and expectations, we are now advancing quickly in the development of the new site. Stay tuned for the launch in a few months!