Presenting PANORAMA One Health!


PANORAMA continues to expand its thematic scope: We are excited to launch PANORAMA One Health!


The health of people, animals and the environment are closely integrated. The One Health approach mobilizes multiple sectors, disciplines and communities at varying levels of society to work together to foster well-being and tackle threats to health and ecosystems. At the same time, it addresses the collective need for clean water, energy and air, safe and nutritious food, taking action on climate change, and contributing to sustainable development.


PANORAMA One Health will promote solutions and lessons learned that facilitate the adoption of the One Health approach, spanning a broad range of topics, actors, and disciplines. The solutions promoted involve at least two of the three key One Health sectors (animal, human and environmental health) and have a holistic character that considers the whole system in which diseases develop and spread. PANORAMA One Health promotes preventative solutions to reduce disease risk, increase resilience and preserve the health of people, animals, and the environment alike.


PANORAMA One Health is jointly coordinated by GIZ and IUCN, in partnership with the World Bank. Some of the themes covered by PANORAMA One Health include but are not limited to:

• Antimicrobial resistance

• Water, sanitation and hygiene; water resource management; waste and water management and health links

• Neglected tropical diseases, emerging infectious diseases and zoonoses (spill-over, monitoring, detection and early warning, surveillance systems, risk mitigation), as well as pandemic prevention, preparedness and response

• The nexus between biodiversity and health (effects on diseases, vectors and links to non-communicable diseases)

• Climate change (adaptation and mitigation) and its effects on health, as well as the impacts of the One Health sectors on climate change

…and many more.


BMZ stated their support for the new community, saying "There is a desire to learn from each other’s best practices. BMZ is supporting the establishment of the One Health Community on PANORAMA. It will allow for sharing practical solutions from One Health practitioners. We are looking forward to learning more about the community and the solutions it facilitates".


Examples of the first batch of One Health solutions include:


Integrating community health services with local marine management efforts

This solution from Madagascar responds to the interconnected challenges of poor community health, unmet family planning needs, food insecurity, environmental degradation and vulnerability to climate change by integrating community health services with local marine management and coastal livelihood initiatives.

Protecting human health, climate and the environment through abatement of air pollution using participatory approaches

A pilot study with various local stakeholders carried out in Nairobi trialled a new co-created transdisciplinary approach to air pollution awareness using interviews, storytelling, participatory mapping, theatre, playful activities and music.



WASH in Schools brings One Health to Life - GIZ's Fit for School Approach

The GIZ regional Fit for School programme promotes and supports tangible actions in schools that are contributing to the practical implementation of the One Health concept. WASH in Schools (WinS) and improved hygiene are the strong uniting elements: Human Health, Environment, and Pathogens.



Explore PANORAMA One Health now! We invite everyone to contribute relevant solutions – please see our guidelines for solution providers below.