Fabian Beltran

Fabian Beltran


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Wildlife Conservation and Management Biological conservation Wildlife diseases Parasite ecology

À propos de moi

Bolivian DMV Beltrán graduated as Master of Science with mention in Zoology from Universidad de Concepción in 2015 (Chile). He has completed courses and internships related to macro-microparasitic ecology, evolution, systematics and taxonomy, biological conservation and parasitological diagnosis. As part of WCS Bolivia between 2006 to 2008 and 2018 to date, he has experience working with park rangers and local communities in protected areas in Bolivia with projects involving the health and welfare of vicuñas and domestic livestock, research and conservation of wild carnivores and high Andean flamingos. He is also currently involved in studies of pathogens of wild reservoir rodents, bats and birds in pampas and forests.


In other institutions he was a research associate for the Bolivian Fauna Collection in parasitology, was Chief of an official veterinary diagnostic laboratory in SENASAG and was Chief of the conservation and management area of the Vesty Pakos Zoo. Invited professor to teach ecology and evolution of parasite-host interactions in the Master of Biology at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and Invited professor of the Conservation and management of the health of free-ranging wildlife at the postgraduate level in the Universidad Mayor de San Simón. He is a member of the Bolivian Society of Entomology (SBE), member of the Andean Cat Alliance (ACA) and member of the Argentine Society of Mastozoology (SAREM).