I am assisting Mike Hands (INGA Foundation's Founder and Executive Director) with collaborations, partnerships, and connections.

The Inga Foundation’s simple but revolutionary system of Inga alley-cropping is a scientifically-proven solution to stopping the devastation of tropical rainforests. The ability of the resilient Inga tree to regenerate and enrich depleted soil dramatically transforms the lives of subsistence farmers in the tropics by providing food security and organic cash crops as well as significantly reduces global carbon emissions, protects wildlife and marine habitats, and preserves water sources. This low-input, debt-free, and bottom-up approach is available now and provides farmers and their families the means to achieve sustainable agricultural practices and puts an end to slash-and-burn agriculture.

Local knowledge adds to the agroforestry system known as Inga alley-cropping as the foundation of a scientifically-proven model which is capable of yielding food-security in basic grains, together with a reliable income from cash-crops.

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