Protéger /To protect

Published: 12 April 2021
Last edited: 12 April 2021

With the presence of critically endangered species (i.e. Caribbean numbfish, Narcine bancroftii), of endemic Caribbean species (i.e. the Caribbean reef shark, Carcharhinus perezi), and of many nurseries and breeding areas, the French West Indies have an important role in the conservation of shark and ray populations.


However, the protection of species that have a negative image remains a challenge, even more so due to the accidents that take place each year on the French island of La Reunion.


This project aims to propose the first measures for the conservation of sharks and rays: adaptation of fishing regulations, development of sustainable tourism practices, ect.



Management planning
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Planning phase

Enabling factors

  • Adapted measures for sharks and rays populations.
  • Stakeholder and managers involved.

Lessons learned

  • The importance of involving stakeholders.
  • The need to raise awarness the public but also the stakeholders and state officials.

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