2021 PANORAMA Web Statistics

01 March 2022 Edward Hinkle
GRID-ArendalPANORAMA Web Stats 2021
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2021 was an important year for the web platform! We saw growth across the board for the website in 2021, and we wanted to share some of the highlights of the previous year.


We had over 162,000 unique visitors, and over 202,000 total visits throughout the year. Since January 2021, 223 solutions submitted and published, bringing the total to a major milestone of over 1000 solutions published solutions on our platform. We are enormously proud of hosting all of these amazing solutions on our website, and we cannot wait to be hosting more!  


We had visitors from all over the world access our website from over 180 different  countries. The top countries include: USA, UK, Spain, India, France, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland and China. The solutions on the platform cover 117 different countries, with more countries just on the horizon.


We are excited to share a few of the highlights of our web statistics analysis, summarised in this infographic below. This infographic was produced by our friends and partners at GRID-Arendal and we hope you enjoy it!