Celebrating International Day for Biological diversity with Solutions #ForNature

20 May 2022 Edward Hinkle
© GRID-Arendal

Over the last two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed human society and livelihoods. Weakened resilience of ecosystems, overuse of natural resources, and reduction of wildlife habitat increase the likelihood of spread of infectious diseases, zoonoses and global pandemics. But there are solutions being implemented across the globe to preserve and restore biological diversity. These solutions help prevent the development of global pandemics and create a sustainable future. PANORAMA - Solutions for a Healthy Planet, is so excited to be a part of the growing global movement to protect the environment and the organisms that dwell within it. May 22 is International Day for Biological Diversity. This year's theme is 'We're part of the Solution #ForNature.' With this theme, we wanted to share our article 'From the Drylands of Sudan to the Forests of Bolivia: Building a Shared Future for All Life'. Check out the multimedia article by clicking the link below!