Launch of the new Nature-Culture Thematic Community


Sharing practices of linking nature and culture for conservation


The World Heritage Leadership Programme is launching the Nature-Culture thematic community on the PANORAMA platform, coordinated jointly by ICCROM, IUCN and ICOMOS.


PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet is a partnership initiative to document and promote examples of inspiring, replicable solutions across a range of conservation and sustainable development topics, enabling cross-sectoral learning and inspiration. The new thematic community will become a space for heritage practitioners to share and reflect their experiences from their heritage places, and to learn with their peers how similar challenges have been addressed around the globe.


The Nature-Culture thematic community highlights the importance of integrated heritage protection and management for sustainable development looking at inspiring approaches to heritage management and conservation which include the use of local and Indigenous knowledge and the engagement of local communities. It aims to form a global community of practice in places valued for their cultural and natural significance, across indigenous peoples’ territories, rural and coastal landscapes, seascapes and urban landscapes.


A diverse set of place-specific experiences would be made visible and exchanged by heritage institutions, communities and practitioners with professionals from the larger conservation and development sectors. Resources built up within this common framework will become supporting evidence and enable the sharing of stories among practitioners, decision and policy makers.


The new thematic community will be launched on 7 October 2020 through the ICOMOS GA2020 Marker event. For a closer look at the platform and the first range of solutions uploaded, a webinar will be organized through the ICCROM Lecture Series on 22 October 2020.