Learn more about PANORAMA at CBD COP14 in Egypt!

26 November 2018 Lena Seebald
RSCNLandscape of Dana Biosphere Reserve

Are you attending the 14th Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity, to be held this month in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt?


Then join us and learn more about PANORAMA!


On 23 November2018 at 5:30pm, our event “Learning from Local Solutions for Achieving Global Biodiversity Targets: The PANORAMA  - Solutions for a Healthy Planet Initiative” will be held at the Rio Conventions Pavilion.



Stimulating inputs and discussions await you


Are you curious about the people behind the solutions - the Solution Providers? Get to know some of them and their successful approaches from Nepal, Mexico and eastern Europe.


Find out how PANORAMA can stimulate insights into innovations around a particular subject area, for example through targeted competitions, and learn what we have found out by analyzing the solutions in our portfolio, such as the ones on marine and coastal approaches.


Hear the perspectives of donors, partners and solution providers on why PANORAMA is a valuable knowledge sharing initiative, which supports action for biodiversity conservation.


A panel discussion will explore the value of knowledge exchange initiatives in the context of the CBD and the question: how can common elements of success of solutions inform the development of a post-2020 biodiversity agenda?



Celebrational Launch 


But that’s not all: the highlight of our session will be the celebrational launch of PANORAMA’s new thematic community "Business Engagement in nature conservation”.


PANORAMA will also be presented during the CEPA Fair, EbA Knowledge Day and Protected Areas Day at the Rio Conventions Pavilion, and at other occasions – join us, discuss and engage with us -

we look forward to seeing you!