New PANORAMA homepage and user survey – please participate!

unsplash /redcharlie
unsplash /redcharlie

Experience the redesigned PANORAMA platform and its 500+ solutions! Explore our new homepage, allowing users to find relevant solutions even more easily.


In order to further increase the user friendliness and to showcase that the solutions on PANORAMA are often cross-cutting across topics and sectors, we have developed a new design for the homepage. Instead of the previous thematic portals, the homepage now features three new entry points for exploring the solutions; You can now find solutions for regions and countries directly via a map, for specific ecosystems and topics (e.g.: Biodiversity, Waste and Resource Efficiency ...) as well as via an open text search. You can also still access solutions from PANORAMA’s five thematic communities (the previous “thematic portals”) through the “thematic access” entry door.

Or perhaps you don’t know yet what type of solutions will be helpful for you? Select from a number of ecological, economic, climate or social challenges you might be facing in your work. Find solutions from around the world which address your type of challenge.


How do you like the PANORAMA platform’s new look? How can we better support the replication of existing solutions for nature conservation and sustainable development? We would like to hear from you, please take part in our survey and give us your valuable feedback. It will take no more than a few minutes of your time. Thank you!