New semi-annual newsletter - Read our news update and learn about PANORAMA’s recent developments!


More and more solutions are shared,…

…leading to an ever-developing PANORAMA platform. In this semi-annual newsletter you can therefore read about the KPI development of the PANORAMA website in recent years. Furthermore, we are happy to share a number of exciting updates since you received our last newsletter:


PANORAMA is listed in the “New Guidebook for Monitoring and Evaluating Ecosystem-based Adaptation Interventions”, a practical guide for planners and practitioners to better understand the outcomes and impacts of on-the-ground projects that work with and enhance nature to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on people. The Newsletter also includes an article on solutions responding to challenges to sustainable development and human wellbeing & health, discussing it in the lights of the current global Covid-19 pandemic.


These are just some highlights of our recent developments! PANORAMA allows practitioners to share and reflect on their experiences, increase recognition for successful work, and to learn with their peers how similar challenges have been addressed around the globe. Learn more about the recent developments, including from our five thematic communities, and become engaged – visit the PANORAMA web platform or contact us with ideas and thoughts!



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