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21 October 2021 Edward Hinkle
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Building on existing knowledge and learning from peers is a significant cornerstone of the PANORAMA partnership. Identifying and promoting examples of tested and replicated solutions and enabling their wider application, the PANORAMA web platform holds a range of best practices from various conservation areas and builds on the knowledge of over 900 solutions from all over the world. Each building block of every solution finds practical answers for certain challenges, but they all have one variable in common: they can be replicated worldwide! 


To further draw upon the rich base of knowledge that was created by practitioners in the PANORAMA community, a new Uptake Feature has been introduced on the PANORAMA platform. This new feature aims to put a spotlight on practitioners who were inspired by a solution or building block from the platform and adopted it in their own context.


Our aim is to recognize the successful Uptake of solutions - the transferral or scaling-up of existing solutions in other contexts around the globe. The Uptake Feature provides a place to share stories from those who learned from their peers and applied best practices in conservation to overcome their own individual circumstances.  


Our motto is: Do not reinvent the wheel but build on existing knowledge and create a community of practice with your peers from all over the world!  


Check out our video on the Uptake Feature to get inspired and upload your own Uptake story!

Feeling inspired? Contribute your own uptake story to celebrate existing solutions! 

For more information, please visit the PANORAMA Uptake stories info page on how to create an uptake story.