Semi-annual Newsletter: PANORAMA 2022 Review and 2023 Outlook



“A global community where changemakers share, adopt and scale-up inspiring solutions for a healthy planet.” 

– PANORAMA vision



Wishing you a Happy New Year, full of exciting opportunities! For the winter edition of the biannual newsletter, we want to look at what is in the works for PANORAMA in 2023, and some of the highlights of 2022. We are so excited to share what we accomplished together, and what 2023 has in store for us.  

Looking back: 2022 review


  • 2 new Communities (PANORAMA One Health and PANORAMA Mitigation) launched, bringing the total to 11 Communities  
  • OCTO and EcoHealth Alliance joined the PANORAMA partnership 
  • We presented PANORAMA at 3 major conferences including the CBD COP15, 1st IUCN Africa Protected Areas Congress, Global Solutions Forum 
  • New vision created: A global community where change-makers share, adopt and scale-up inspiring solutions for a healthy planet. 
  • 7 new “Solutions in Focus” publications published  

2022 website visitation overview

  • Over 250.000 unique visits to the PANORAMA Platform 
  • 179 new Solutions submitted, for a total of 1225!  
  • Most of PANORAMA’s visitors came from North America (52.1%), Europe (33%) and Asia (6.8%).  
  • We have over 4280 organisations registered on our platform with an uploaded solution 
  • Over 100 new Solution Providers, totalling 887! 

Read more about our 2022 website statistics 


Solutions for successful implementation: PANORAMA and the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

The sun has set on the 15th UN Biodiversity Conference (CBD COP15), held in Montreal, Canada, in December, and countries have agreed on the long-awaited new Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). Implementation of the framework’s goals and targets will require scaling and replication of existing proven solutions. PANORAMA is well-positioned to support that, bridging access to practical knowledge from the ground with global policy agreements.  
PANORAMA is explicitly mentioned in the final CBD COP15 decision relating to knowledge management in support of implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework



Looking forward: 2023 outlook


How do you feel stepping into 2023? We feel hopeful and excited for new possibilities and opportunities.


In 2023, PANORAMA will continue work to tighten our partnerships, engage with solution providers, develop the Ambassadors programme, advance the business development process, launch the new web platform and develop an impact measurement framework. We are committed to providing knowledge management tools and products to be integrated into projects and used by parties, organisations, academies, and practitioners.  


The new collaboration with the CBD Secretariat support Parties on biodiversity knowledge management and solution-based knowledge exchange and capacity building. PANORAMA will explore the collaboration and use PANORAMA methodology in action, to achieve our vision.  


New web platform

Across the partnership organisations, we have been working towards a redesign and revamp of the PANORAMA website to better serve our users, maintain security and improve reliability, improve strategic positioning and enhance interoperability with other related platforms. Throughout 2022 we held a number of workshops to understand unaddressed user needs and narrow down the core features of the website.  


The new platform will include e.g.: 
- Improved solution submission/review process 
- Improved platform structure 
- Improved content classification, filtering system and analysis options 
- A state-of-the-art map explorer 


The platform is slated to relaunch in October 2023, and we cannot wait to share more details further down the line. 


Strengthening and deepening the partnership

In 2023, we will not expand PANORAMA’s thematic scope and the group of formal partners. Instead, we will focus on ensuring our PANORAMA Communities are strong, sustainable and vibrant, supporting solution knowledge exchange for practitioners. We will strengthen interlinkages and collaboration across these Communities, and look to strengthen the engagement of the existing partner organisations.


Understanding PANORAMA’s impact 

Towards the end of 2022, we set out to develop a measurement framework for the PANORAMA partnership with the aim of optimising the positive impact of the initiative. The process consists of four main steps: the overhaul of the theory of change & action, the evaluation of strategic questions of interest, current practice and use of insights to inform decisions, followed by the development of a MERL framework and the setting of targets. This is an inspiring and forward-thinking activity with which we aim to produce a state-of-the-art measurement framework of PANORAMA.




Over the past year, they made great contributions to PANORAMA. We would like to thank them for supporting PANORAMA’s recognition in the CBD COP15. Let’s recognise and get to know some of them.


Regina Cervera (Project Coordinator, C Minds, Mexico)

Regina Cervera is the project coordinator of C Minds' AI for Climate initiative, she leads the Tech4Nature Mexico initiative, the first of its kind in the region, focused on strengthening the protection of natural reserves in Mexico through the responsible use of AI and the power of cross-sector partnerships.


Read Regina's PANORAMA solution


Annie Tourette (Head of Advocacy, Blue Ventures, UK/Madagascar)

Annie is the lead of national and global influencing strategy at  Blue Ventures. She has been advocating for human rights for more than 10 years.  After 5 years in multilateral positions in West Africa, Annie moved to the non-profit world in the US and  UK, promoting the rights of girls and young women at PSI and Plan International. Annie is passionate about gender equality and has dedicated her career to feminist campaigns and projects, bringing the experiences of girls and women throughout the world into international policy discourse. 


Read Annie's PANORAMA solution


Ruben Khachatryan (Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets)

Ruben Khachatryan studied Global Environmental Management and Policy in Georgia, Germany and Switzerland. He also has an extensive background and education in fine arts and film directing. In 2002 he established the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC). He directed many conservation and environmental education projects, such as the SunChild International Environmental Festival.  One of his most important inputs in the conservation effort is the establishment of the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR) as a privately protected area with a surface of 30,000 hectares connecting crucial important migratory corridors for endangered species. 


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