Solutions for successful implementation: PANORAMA and the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

Signing of MoU

Stewart Maginnis, Deputy Director General in charge of Programme at IUCN, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Jochen Renger, Head of Division Climate Change, Rural Development, Infrastructure at GIZ


As the 15th UN Biodiversity Conference (CBD COP15) held in Montreal, Canada came to a close in December, countries agreed on the long-awaited new Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). Implementation of the framework’s goals and targets will require the scaling and replication of existing proven solutions. PANORAMA is well-positioned to support this, bridging access to practical knowledge from the ground with global policy agreements. Here are our biggest takeaways from the conference.



From left to right: Helga Katharina Mahler, PANORAMA Coordinator at GIZ, Erie Tamale, Head of Capacity-Building and Knowledge Managementat at UNEP, Marie Fischborn, PANORAMA Coordinator at IUCN, Stewart Maginnis, Deputy Director General in charge of Programme at IUCN, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Jochen Renger, Head of Division Climate Change, Rural Development, Infrastructure at GIZ


PANORAMA is a recognised and useful resource that supports knowledge management and capacity building for all those involved in biodiversity conservation.


PANORAMA is explicitly referenced in the final CBD COP15 decision relating to knowledge management in support of implementation of the GBF. The framework represents a global strategy for jointly safeguarding nature and we are proud that the PANORAMA platform plays an important role in the knowledge management of that framework.



From left to right: Midori Paxton, Head of Ecosystems and Biodiversity at UNDP, Stewart Maginnis, Deputy Director General at Programme at IUCN, Sam Gray, Manager, Global Development at RARE, Joseph King, Senior Director at ICCROM, Kirsten Hegener, Head of the Competence Center Forest, Biodiversity and Agriculture at GIZ, Teresa Reubel, Policy Advisor on Biodiversity for the International Climate Initiative (IKI) at BMUV, Dr. Chadia Wannous, Global One Health Coordinator for World Organisation For Animal Health.


Representatives from GIZ and IUCN signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the CBD Secretariat


PANORAMA will directly engage with and collaborate with the CBD secretariat and will support Parties on biodiversity knowledge management and solution-based knowledge exchange and capacity building, in support of the GBF implementation.

The MoU, PANORAMA and the CBD secretariat have agreed to work together on

  • Supporting the identification, documentation, collation, exchange and promotion of good practices and lessons learned, between biodiversity practitioners to enable cross-sectoral learning, replication and upscaling.
  • Organising, cataloguing, presenting and facilitating exchange of content relating to the goals and targets of the GBF to Parties and other stakeholders in user-friendly formats
  • Exploring opportunities for co-creation and mutual exchange and sharing of digital content via the respective tools/channels
  • Catalysing and supporting communities of practice across a range of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, and access and benefit-sharing topics as part of the broader CBD knowledge management strategy and the Clearing-House Mechanism
  • Support activities with pilot countries for documentation of these first experiences and potential scaling up with other parties to the CBD.
  • Support communications around solutions to implement the GBF


PANORAMA was invited to partner in the CBD’s new Knowledge Management for Biodiversity (KM4B) Initiative


The overall objective of the KM4B Initiative is to support implementation of the GBF by fostering knowledge management to enable biodiversity planning, policy formulation, decision making, and implementation processes. This initiative provides an opportunity to work in collaboration and in conjunction with other related efforts and institutions.


Photo from the KM4B Initiative meeting. Photo taken by IISD.


During the COP, PANORAMA hosted and contributed to a number of events and partnered with other related organizations and initiatives. During these events, attendees and speakers from across the world testified to the usefulness of PANORAMA for supporting systematic documentation of national experiences on a given topic, such as integration of climate change adaptation into conservation practice; or drawing out local knowledge and supporting its replication across locations in the same country.


By uplifting the voices of solution providers, from Madagascar over Armenia to Taiwan, real examples of conservation solutions in practice were brought to the negotiations. We succeeded in promoting solutions across a wide range of topics that are at the centre of the GBF, such as species conservation, sustainable use of nature, restoration as well as protected and conserved areas (see our factsheets below).


PANORAMA is uniquely placed to provide visibility and recognition of practical knowledge from the ground, as well as the people and organizations that implement and bring local solutions forth to global policy processes. We are excited for the next stage in our collaboration with the CBD Secretariat in the new year!