Virtual event: Presenting PANORAMA Mitigation!


Join us for the launch of our newest community!

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent. Intense droughts, heavy rainfalls, extreme temperatures, water scarcity, fires, floods, declining biodiversity, famines – the impacts are multiple.

Scientists agree that one of the main – and man-made – drivers of climate change are greenhouse gas emissions. Global frameworks and international agreements have been developed to create pathways and guide actions that combat climate change. Currently, governments, organisations, companies, civil society, and many others areformulating and implementing concrete actions to reduce emissions in their countries, regions, cities, and communities. 

PANORAMA Mitigation will promote solutions and lessons learned that help mitigate climate change, spanning a broad range of topics, sectors, and actors. Solutions provided contribute to reducing, capturing, storing, or removing greenhouse gases that lead to global warming and climate change.

We are proud to launch the newest community at GLF Climate on Saturday, November 12th at 15:30 UTC+2.