Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Change Finance Projects

Published: 19 June 2020
Last edited: 19 June 2020
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The African Development Bank’s Department of Gender, Women and Civil Society (AHGC) designed, in partnership with the Climate Change and Green Growth Department (PECG), the AfDB/CIF's Inclusive Climate Action Initiative.  This initiative was  implemented by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 2019. The purpose of the Initiative was to support the concrete integration of gender into future Climate Invest Fund (CIF) initiatives implemented under the supervision and support of the Bank by conducting context-specific research, developing two case studies on good practices and producing a set of knowledge resources to support the work of the African Development Bank and its staff.


North Africa
West and Central Africa
Scale of implementation
Desert ecosystems
Forest ecosystems
Hot desert
Tropical evergreen forest
Gender mainstreaming
Other theme
Protected areas
renewable energy
Unsustainable harvesting incl. Overfishing
Lack of alternative income opportunities
Unemployment / poverty
Sustainable development goals
SDG 5 – Gender equality
SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy
SDG 13 – Climate action
SDG 15 – Life on land
Business engagement approach
Indirect through financial institutions


Akumadan, Berekum | Ouarzazate, Morocco


One of the main impacts has been  private companies finding out their advance on gender mainstream in the implementation of projects and where they still have room for improvement.  In addition, the two case studies have information about good key practices for other projects on forest and land restoration and large-scale renewable energy to consider. They provide critical learning points  for guiding gender-responsive project design, implementation and M&E—showing the importance of including gender in staffing and programming.


Link to the document cases can be found at:

Gender mainstreaming in climate change projects - The case of FORM GHANA LTD. in Ghana. (


Gender mainstreaming in climate change projects - The case of Noor Ouarzazate in Morocco. (


In addition, after the training on gender and climate change provided to the African Development Bank’s Department of Gender, Women and Civil Society (AHGC)  and the Climate Change and Green Growth Department (PECG) staff, they are better prepare to support the strengthening of gender issues into the CIF projects.  

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