Promoting green spaces for urban flood management

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In order to address the issue of water and flood management in Panamá the Municipality of Panama, the Dutch government and its pool of water experts and the NGO Wetlands International initiated a multi-stakeholder 'Water dialogue' restoring trust of flood affected communities and planning infrastructure including urban wetland reservoirs and regulatory adjustments.

Last update: 09 Mar 2021
Challenges addressed
Panama City, Panama

The resulting action plan proposes an integrated set of grey and green measures to reduce the flood risk, including dikes, walls and urban wetland reservoirs (green spaces). Furthermore, it details regulatory adjustments, municipal agreements and other legal tools. The Netherlands and Panama are also discussing to extend work on Building with nature as part of their bilateral collaboration, including in relation to port and airport expansion. High water levels can threaten airport operations. It is protected from the sea by a mangrve belt. Recognising the need for integrated, landscape solutions to reduce flood risks, Panama is interested in further suspport to enable sustainabel, flood resilient expansion.

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