Executive Director

Bosco Juma is a social entrepreneur, Co-founder and director of Big Ship Environmental Conservation and Community Based Empowerment Organization in Kenya, Mombasa. He has over ten year experience in mangrove ecosystems conservation, community development with more knowledge on the culturally diverse coastal communities of Kenya. He holds diploma in Business management from University of Nairobi and Certificate in Community Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration from Kenya Marine and Virje University, Brussels.
He is skilled in project management having implemented various projects among them 3 years project under the Department for International Development (DFID) which provided employment driven related business and labor market trainings to youths of 18-30 years. Also he has implemented 4years partnership project with The World Vision Kenya, 3 years mangrove rehabilitation project under the Mombasa Port Development Project (MPDP) funded by Japan International Port Corporation (JICA) among other projects conservation and empowernment projects.
He is passionate about environmental conservation, community empowerment especially the youth, women and people with disabilities. In pursuit of his passion he started Big Ship Organization so as to reach and impact many people. He also runs a Volunteership and Internship Mentorship Program (VIMP) which offers free mentorship to young people in career development, business and organization development.

Bosco Juma's Solutions