Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

I'am an national conservation biologist and ecologist with a strong background in research, wildlife management, international project management, nonprofit program design, and education. I consider myself equal parts scientist, applied on-the-ground conservationist, wildlife liaison to the public at-large, and a problem-solver always seeking transformative, innovative ideas and solutions on a scale appropriately reflecting the complexity of today’s big conservation problems. I have more that 5 years of experience working in as many regions in Madagascar, a passion for the conservation of mamals, critically endangered species, and newly discovered taxa, and a strong empirical interest in the ecology of tropical forests and savannas.Ultimately, I am most interested in strong individual and institutional collaborations to implement projects that build toward institutional self-reliance and have lasting impacts. My greatest commitment is to those visionary strategies that disrupt the status quo and effect positive social and ecological change for mamals, the ecosystems they are an integral part of, and biodiversity, on a global scale.