Syed Ainul  Hussain

Syed Ainul Hussain

Scientist G

Specialist in
Wildlife biology and ecology Aquatic ecology and management Assessment of ecosystem services protected area management

About me

I have around 25 years of work experience in the field of Biodiversity conservation. During this period I have worked on the ecology of several endangered species such as Eld’s deer, small carnivores, river otter, crocodiles, river dolphin, freshwater turtles and water birds. I have worked on river ecology, wetlands of Gangetic plains, high altitude wetlands of Himalayas, mangrove ecology, evaluation of ecosystem services of inland wetlands and mangroves ecosystems, human - wildlife conflicts in and around protected areas. Currently I am working on the ecology of Eld’s deer impacts of dams on otters and other wildlife, biodiversity and Ganga river conservation.