A network of passionate and influential Ocean Ambassadors and Ocean Guardians from five communities

With the objective to advocate for sustainable fishing practices and protection of their marine ecosystem (Tofo, Barra, Rocha, Morrungulo, Bazaruto), the organisation will also help communities to protect their valuable natural resources for future generations, supported by improved scientific knowledge of keystone species and fisheries, responsible marine resource management and alternative livelihoods and a creation of a network of Ocean Ambassadors and Guardians raised to cherish their waters.



Scale of implementation

Enabling factors

To build on this, we have established our pilot Coral Reef Club. This club targets 16-21 year-olds who have graduated from our Nemos Pequenos programme and provides these young adults with capacity building and life skills opportunities. Already extremely popular, it serves two very important functions in the community, by providing: 1) ongoing marine conservation education and, 2) support in finding livelihoods (other than fishing) through vocational internships with local businesses and employment skills. 

Lessons learned

We need to scale up our efforts and build on our initial successes. We want to deepen our research into why marine megafauna are in rapid decline, continue to raise the Ocean Ambassadors and Guardians of the future and increase the reach of our conservation efforts along the coastline.

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¿Se ha inspirado en alguna Solución o Building Block de PANORAMA? Entonces, comparta su experiencia y cuéntanos cómo se inspiró y qué hizo para replicar, qué le costó al adaptar la solución a su contexto y conseguir una transferencia de conocimientos exitosa para crear un impacto más positivo para un planeta saludable.