2023 Website Statistics

Infographic of PANORAMA's Website Statistics
Infographic of PANORAMA's Website Statistics

As PANORAMA has unveiled its new web platform, we celebrate the ongoing success and impact of our initiative in fostering global collaboration for nature conservation and sustainable development.  

Reflecting on the achievements of our previous platform, which served as a beacon of knowledge and collaboration for the global community, we are  proud to announce that the cumulative visitor count since 2016 has surpassed the one-million mark, reaching an impressive 1,021,459 visits.  

Turning our gaze to the present, the platform continued to attract a growing global audience, reaching a total of 241,066 visits and 424,816 pageviews. Around 200,000 unique visitors came to the platform in 2023. Furthermore, the publication of 194 new solutions in 2023 has enriched our repository of proven success stories for nature conservation and sustainable development. 

While the top regions for web traffic remained consistent, with most visitors coming from North America, Europe and Asia, the platform continued to see visitors from all corners of the globe, namely 182 distinct countries. 

Search engines proved to be a significant source of traffic, accounting for 173,360 visits (>70%). 

Furthermore, analysing visitor devices revealed interesting insights, with laptops (65%) being the preferred choice for accessing PANORAMA's content, followed closely by smartphones (31%). This underscores the importance of ensuring that our platform is optimized for various devices to provide a seamless user experience for all visitors. 

With the many new features and improvements that the new platform has to offer, we are confident that the PANORAMA platform will remain an important resource for individuals and organizations dedicated to building a more sustainable future for our planet, and will see further growth in its visitation and reach in 2024. 

Infographic about PANORAMA statistics 2023