Footprints4ourFuture: A Crowdfunding Campaign for Sustainable Reforestation and Job Creation in Costa Rica

Giancarlo Pucci, PNUD Costa Rica
Publicado: 16 Mayo 2023
Última edición: 16 Mayo 2023
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In Costa Rica, the "Footprints4ourFuture" (Huella del Futuro) crowdfunding campaign was launched by BIOFIN and spearheaded by the Vice-President, raised 1.7 million US dollars to reduce unemployment exacerbated by COVID-19, while restoring ecosystems and reforesting vulnerable public-owned lands. With the approval of the first incubation program in Costa Rica for sustainable tourism in indigenous areas, "Raíces" by the Sustainable Development Bank's Governing Council, in total US$ 577.5K mobilized; including US$ 168.5K for the 2022 edition of Raíces, US$ 345K for the CRE-C Program, and US$ 64K for the portfolio of sustainable tourism in Biological Corridors. The program is seeking to mobilize funding through planting and/or restoration of 200,000 trees and 5 years of their maintenance, monitor its implementation, systematize learning and institutionalize the financial mechanism.


América Central
Scale of implementation
Area-wide development
Bosques tropicales de hoja perenne
Connective infrastructure, networks and corridors
Ecosistema urbano
Ecosistemas de agua dulce
Ecosistemas forestales
Humedales (pantano, turberas)
Piscina, lago, estanque
Río, corriente
Techos verdes / muros verdes
Áreas verdes (parques, jardines, bosque urbano)
Actores locales
Ciudades e infraestructuras
Comunicación y divulgación
Conocimientos tradicionales
Especies y la extinción
Financiación sostenible
Geodiversidad y geoconservación
Gestión y planificación de áreas protegidas y conservadas
Gobernanza de las áreas protegidas y conservadas
Incorporación de la perspectiva de género
Institucionalización de la biodiversidad
Manejo de bosques
Mantenimiento de infraestructura
Medios de vida sostenibles
One Health
Poblaciones indígenas
Provisión y manejo del agua
Salud y bienestar humano
Seguridad alimentaria
Servicios ecosistémicos
Species Conservation and One Health Interventions
Traslados de conservación de especies
Planificación de la conservación de especies
One Health
El vínculo entre biodiversidad y salud
Sistemas alimentarios
Buena gobernanza territorial
Urban and Disaster Risk Management
City management, governance and finance
Degradación de tierras y bosques
Pérdida de la biodiversidad
Pérdida de ecosistemas
Desarrollo de Infraestructura
Falta de acceso a financiación a largo plazo
Falta de oportunidades de ingresos alternativos
Cambios en el contexto socio-cultural
Falta de conciencia del público y de los responsables de la toma de decisiones
Desempleo / pobreza
Sustainable development goals
ODS 5 - Igualidad de género
ODS 10- Reducción de las desigualidades
ODS 11 - Ciudades y comunidades sostenibles
ODS 13 - Acción por el clima
ODS 15 - Vida de ecosistemas terrestres
ODS 17 - Alianzas para lograr los objetivos
Business engagement approach
Compromiso directo con asociaciones
Indirecto a través de instituciones financieras
Indirecto a través del gobierno
Indirecto a través de actores legales


Costa Rica


The Huella del Futuro #Footprint4ourFuture  program seeks to mobilize resources so that groups, organizations, and individuals can continue their work and increase their impact. Program is aiming to promote:

  • Carbon capture
  • Protections for water resources
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Enhancement of scenic beauty
  • Food supply
  • Job generation and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Approximately 157 direct jobs during the first 5 years

To date, there have been several positive impacts demonstrated:

  • Mobilization of US$1.7 million for reforestation and ecosystem restoration projects in Northern Costa Rica
  • Successful implementation of the Footprints4ourFuture initiative, achieving 94% of its initial target
  • Creation of green jobs and reduction of unemployment exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Support for women in charge of reforestation efforts at the community level, benefiting 139 women and 121 men from vulnerable rural communities in Northern Costa Rica
  • Approval of the "Raíces" (Roots) program, the first incubation program for sustainable tourism in indigenous areas in Costa Rica
  • Mobilization of US$577.5K for various sustainability initiatives, including Raíces and the CRE-C Program
  • Introduction of protected area fees that could generate over US$3 million in new revenue, fully earmarked to the country's protected area agency (SINAC)

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