Participatory Forest Management plan

  • A participatory management plan aims to support the local community to sustainably manage mangrove forest within the LMMA.

  • Using a printed high resolution Google Earth map, a first draft management plan is created by each concerned (proposed project area for the mangrove carbon project) village with the boundary of the mangrove zoning (core zone, reforestation area and sustainable logging area).

  • When all the relevant villages within the LMMA have completed the zoning, the data from the Google Earth map are digitized and projected on a big screen for validation. Delegates from each village are invited to attend a workshop for the validation of the mangrove zoning. For the validation, at least four people from each village must attend. Ideally both men and women are elected by villagers who they feel may best reflect their opinions (elders, chef Village).

  • Each community determines, agrees and implements the rules and regulations governing each mangrove zone.

  • This is conducted through a large village meeting. The support organization facilitates the process until the local law is ratified at the court.


Collecte de données de base et suivi des données et connaissances
Communication et sensibilisation
Cadre juridique et politique, plaidoyer en faveur des politiques
Planification de la gestion
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Mise en oeuvre

Facteurs de réussite

  • A local convention or law enables communities to govern the natural resource management;

  • Aptitude of the support organization to incorporate the mangrove management plan into the existing LMMA management plan;

  • Ability of the law enforcement committee to enforce the Dina and deal with the fine payment in their respective zone without support/inputs from the government;

  • Demarcation of the management zone enables the community to observe on the ground the boundary of the mangrove zoning.

Enseignements tirés

  • The support organization must be familiar with the government law, as the local laws/conventions (such as Dina) should not conflict with the national law. It has proven effective to involve appropriate government actors in processing the Dina (local law) at the village level to make the ratification easy.

  • Make sure villages sharing mangrove forest are consulted together through village meetings/workshops for a compromise on the mangrove zoning. For the demarcation at the forest, delegates from villages at the AOI must assist the technician staff from the support organization to make sure that the marks/signs are in the right place.

  • Colour of the marks/signs used for the demarcation should consistently be within the LMMA (e.g colour red for the core zone boundary for both marine area and mangrove forest).

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