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The Essonne Departmental Council manages natural sites with high flora and fauna stakes, several of which are developed and open to the public.
In order to guarantee a quality reception on these sites, the Department has developed, in 2017 with the start-up E Citiz, an original mobile application "Veille nature 91".
This application, accessible from the stores (Apple, Android), can be downloaded free of charge and used by all users (Department staff, walkers, fishermen, naturalists, etc.) of the Department's natural areas and hiking trails.
 In just 3 clicks, anyone can thus report an anomaly observed on a natural site, and allow the Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels Sensibles to take note of it, almost in real time.
These observations can concern a wide variety of themes such as wild deposits and other incivilities (tags, deliberate damage, etc.), safety issues (threatening trees, dangerous equipment, maintenance faults, etc.), etc...

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Challenges addressed
Perte de biodiversité
Espèces envahissantes
Pollution (y compris eutrophisation et déchets)
Scale of implementation
Forêt de feuillus tempéré
Piscine, lac, étang
Rivière, ruisseau
Zones humide (marécage, marais, tourbière)
Prairie tempérée, savane, maquis
L'intégration de la biodiversité
Espèces exotiques envahissantes
Braconnage et la criminalité environnementale
Sensibilisation et communications
Écharcon, Essonne, France
Europe de l’Ouest et du Sud

This application is simple and immediate to use and offers a great reactivity to problems encountered and reported on natural sites. As an illustration, for example, the rapid treatment of wild deposits prevents them from growing, or the signalling of threatening trees reduces the risk of accidents with the public or departmental agents.
Finally, this type of collaborative approach also contributes to transforming each citizen into a "watchdog" of nature and a conscious and active player in the quality and maintenance of his or her living environment.
Finally, the traceability offered by the system, which allows the observer to monitor the progress of the processing of his or her report, also provides much-appreciated transparency on the approach.
For the Conservatory, this traceability also makes it possible to ensure effective and reliable monitoring of reports and problems encountered in the environments under its management.

At present, there have been over 2500 downloads of this app. Since 2017, more than 1850 reports have been sent using this application.

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