Paula Moreira

Paula Moreira

Technical Adviser

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Adaptation to Climate Change human rights Gender mainstreaming

À propos de moi

Expert Issues:  Adaptation to climate change and ecosystems-based adaptation measures and policies, Brazilian national and subnational environmental policies related to conservation areas and urban sustainable development (in particular in coastal zones), state, municipal public entities, private sector and civil society partnership development and manager. Reduction of emissions of deforestation and degradation (REDD+) policies and measures (UN-REDD Policy Board´s member and IPAM - Amazon Institute for Environmental Research´s researcher), Indigenous Peoples and Traditional population´ rights and knowledge, Amazon governance, small farmers´ best practices. SocioBiodiversity Amazon products (Brazil nuts, bio-jewelry and pirarucu fish). Participatory processes, Human rights and gender safeguards. Transdisciplinary research.

Abilities: Network builder/manager, project components ‘management, mediation, facilitation, non-violence communication e digitalization and remote meeting´s tools; women leadership and empowerment