Conservation management plan

Published: 17 December 2019
Last edited: 17 December 2019

The conservation management plan guides the implementation for how the income raised is put to best use. The plan, approved by the Foundation, provides costed annual work plans to guide the Foundation members and the ICS implementing team, and details the required annual reports on the outcomes of the existing activities.


Management planning
Scale of implementation

Enabling factors

Competent and respected NGOs to undertake the development of the management plan, implementation of and reporting on its activities.

Lessons learned

Clear decision-making: In order for the conservation management on the islands to be effective, each Foundation meeting needs to conclude with clear actionable decisions. Ambiguity of decisions can lead to uncertainty on how to proceed in the intervening period, especially by field conservation staff. Incorporating a secretariat to manage the operations of the Foundations (in our case managed by ICS) would ensure that high-level decisions are translatable to activity-based implementation.