Target group engagement

Published: 22 November 2018
Last edited: 21 December 2020

The two target groups for this project are women and youth both of which suffer high unemployment. Many of the young people are bored and some show antisocial behaviour. But AFSD believes there is potential to harness and combine the zeal of youth and the wisdom of women in the community. Women are being empowered to take part in decision making and become economically active – some are becoming entrepreneurs.


Alliance and partnership development
Sustainable livelihoods
Scale of implementation

Enabling factors

As women and young people gain employment, they can help raise the quality of life of their families and extend their support beyond their immediate families to the community as a whole.


Food security or sovereignty is the focus of several social development initiatives in Mozambique. AFSD is working with schools, private businesses or sector and local communities to create incentives for the local people to use the best practices in managing natural resources.

Lessons learned

Studies carried out have revealed useful information that can help guide activities towards sustainable food production and consumption.


  • There has been a marked increase in women’s involvement in the agriculture sector in Mozambique. More women are active in agriculture than men (96% of economically active women as opposed to 67% of economically active men).


  • A significant number of women are engaged in intensive horticultural production on small hand-watered plots around urban areas.


  • There are wide variations in farm conditions and production strategies. The family sector has been most affected by migration, the disruption of markets, lack of basic services, and destabilisation of the rural economy.


  • Private commercial farms contribute 25% of marketed production. These include capital intensive farms of less than 50 hectares supplying the urban market wide a range of products.


  • The third major category of farmers includes joint venture farms and state farms of up to 40,000 hectares.


  • The agricultural sector is relatively stable with potential income opportunities.

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