July Newsletter 2023

24 July 2023 Edward Hinkle

A global community where changemakers share, adopt and scale-up inspiring solutions for a healthy planet. – PANORAMA’s vision, July 2023


Welcome to the mid-year edition of the PANORAMA biannual newsletter! Since the beginning of this year, we have already published over 100 new solutions on the PANORAMA web platform. Get ready to dive into our biannual newsletter, packed with inspiring stories, replicable solutions across a range of conservation and sustainable development topics and some exciting updates! -The PANORAMA secretariat at GIZ and IUCN, on behalf of all partners


Facelift for the PANORAMA web platform: A sneak peek

Do you like the current PANORAMA web platform? Then you can look forward to an even better version of it launching by end 2023! A major revamp of the site is underway, to improve the user experience for finding and contributing solution case studies, connecting with each other and exploring PANORAMA resources such as publications. The new platform will be a website built for people, around people, and about people and their knowledge. 

The new site will, among many other features, include a map-based solution explorer, an improved homepage that will allow users to enter the solutions portfolio in a playful and intuitive way, and an improved solution submission and review workflow. 


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PANORAMA and the Global Biodiversity Framework


Effective knowledge management and learning from existing biodiversity solutions is key to achieving the objectives of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. Existing initiatives such as PANORAMA have an important contribution to make in that regard: Being explicitly called out in a COP15 decision, PANORAMA will support exchange of qualitative knowledge between CBD Parties and other relevant actors, based on good practice approaches. 


Concretely, GIZ and IUCN, on behalf of the partnership, collaborate actively with the CBD Secretariat to ensure interoperability of relevant web platforms, communication around solutions as well as analysis and guidance based on solutions. The role of PANORAMA in supporting knowledge management through initiatives such as the NBSAP Accelerator Partnership and the Global Knowledge Support Service for Biodiversity (GKSSB) is being explored. 


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PANORAMA Community Spotlight


PANORAMA promotes solutions across multiple, inter-linked Communities. From nature-culture interlinkages to species conservation, each Community promotes specific solutions on a dedicated topic. Below are recent highlights from some of our Communities.

PANORAMA 30x30 Solutions

PANORAMA 30x30 Solutions documents good practices for the governance and management of protected and conserved areas, including other effective area-based conservation measures and the recognition of Indigenous and traditional territories. Learning from and replicating such solutions will support implementation of Target 3 (’30 by 30’) of the Global Biodiversity Framework. This Community also highlights examples that illustrate how conserving biodiversity contributes solutions to wider societal challenges, including climate change, human health and other issues.


PANORAMA supports improved knowledge management and exchange for grant-making programmes.



A “Knowledge Sharing Journey” brought more than 55 grantees from Africa, the Pacific, and the Caribbean together, discussing and documenting their projects’ results and lessons learned. The Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme (BIOPAMA) and the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Territories of European Overseas Programme (BEST) jointly organised the journey, consisting of online sessions and a six-day in-person workshop in Nairobi. Through in-depth write-shop sessions, the grantees documented their rich experiences as PANORAMA solutions, covering topics such as eradication of invasive species on islands, protected area governance and equity assessments or the use of cultural values to save mountain gorillas. The journey was a ”first” for IUCN grant programmes to support systematic knowledge capitalization. The grantees’ experiences will remain available in perpetuity on the PANORAMA Platform.


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PANORAMA Blue is a global forum for accessing and sharing good practice in marine and coastal conservation and sustainable use. We enable practitioners to learn from each other, exchange experience, and get inspiration. With hundreds of adaptable cases, and tens of thousands of engaged forum members, PANORAMA Blue accelerates the implementation of “blue solutions” worldwide. 


SEA Success: Targeted knowledge provision for marine protected areas



MPAs worldwide need tailored advisory services to address many of the challenges they face, but don’t have easy access to the expertise they need. The SEA Success project aims to address this need for site-level support in an innovative manner. SEA Success will pilot an approach for global knowledge sourcing and provision to benefit identified MPA management and governance challenges in a tailored manner, drawing from the vast network and knowledge banks of PANORAMA and OCTO. The project will apply this approach as a test with 2 partner sites in Thailand and Bangladesh, with the intent to scale the approach broadly after the pilot. SEA Success is implemented by IUCN in collaboration with OCTO.


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PANORAMA Restoration

PANORAMA Restoration collects approaches for sustainable and inclusive landscape restoration. IUCN and GIZ are supporting (Forest) Landscape Restoration world-wide with focus on the African continent in the framework of the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) and others.


How do we elevate good practices on ecosystem restoration?



PANORAMA is now a part of the Task Force on Best Practices (TFBP) led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). One of the TFBP's objectives is to promote mutual learning and knowledge sharing among restoration practitioners by collecting and disseminating good practices for ecosystem restoration. This is essential for avoiding repeated mistakes and replicating and adapting successful practices in other situations with similar goals, thus enhancing capacities to undertake and
scale up effective restoration initiatives in all sectors, ecosystems, and regions.   


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Ambassador Stories


The title of PANORAMA Ambassador is a status awarded to practitioners, policy influencers, and academics who fully support the PANORAMA initiative and who are particularly well-connected within their community. Being a PANORAMA Ambassador is a volunteer role, which is linked to the PANORAMA network and partners. Ambassador Stories is an ongoing series of articles dedicated to highlighting the work of the 2023 PANORAMA Ambassador Cohort.  
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Carlo Francini: The “HeRe”_Lab: Heritage and Research



Having risen to economic and cultural prominence in the 15th and 16th centuries, the historic centre of Florence symbolises the Italian Renaissance. The preservation of the centre in a sustainable manner is vitally important to help prepare the city for the impacts of climate change and to protect the city’s deep connection with its history.

The Heritage Research Lab (HeRe_Lab) is a joint research laboratory between the University of Florence and the World Heritage and Relations with the UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence.


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Francis Staub: Marine Mammals Management toolkit



Marine mammals play a crucial role in marine ecosystem function, providing valuable ecosystem services. However, with climate change predicted to aggravate the detrimental effects of shipping, bycatch, and pollution, amongst many other threats, on marine mammal populations, there is an urgent need for effective management plans for the conservation of these species.
The EU-funded Ocean Governance programme has designed and created a toolkit for including marine mammals in MPAs. This toolkit will be the building blocks for upcoming PANORAMA solutions for the PANORAMA Blue community.


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