Inclusive business model linked to conservation

Published: 14 November 2015
Last edited: 13 February 2018

Applying the principles of fair trade and inclusive business, we create efficient community-based supply chains for raw materials (plastics and seaweed carrageenan) that are available in abundance. We link these raw materials to conservation actions that reduce plastic pollution and restore coastal ecosystems. Increasing incomes from these raw materials reduces dependence on fishing – enabling communities to set aside larger no-take zones to replenish fish stocks.


Alliance and partnership development
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

A long-standing personal relationship between two of the founding members of Net-Works, Dr. Nick Hill (ZSL) and Miriam Turner (former Interface AVP of Co-Innovation), provided the right foundation to forge a strong collaboration. A shared vision and the setting of clearly defined goals and milestones continues to help strengthen the team. 

Lessons learned

It is important that all partners involved in the project have a shared vision of what they want to achieve and clear agreement on goals and milestones. Regular, ongoing communication between the partners is key.