The right message through the right medium

Published: 08 July 2020
Last edited: 22 September 2020

Puppet theatre allows the group to create fun stories, appropriate to the reality of the communities, which clearly identify a problem and propose a solution. The plays combine entertainment with education, the messages are clear, and the theatre is a medium for that message to reach children and adults. In addition, at the end of the play, educational materials are distributed so that the message is not forgotten.


Communication, outreach and awareness building
Education, training and other capacity development activities
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

1. Have a clear understanding of the problems of the communities.

2. Receive the help of professionals who will allow young people to improve their skills so that they can relay an appropriate message.

3. Follow-up teaching materials.

4. Coordination with institutions.

Lessons learned

Problems that can be very complicated to deal with become simpler if they are presented in a theatrical way.

The performances are for children, but the children bring their parents and the children talk about what they saw with the adults in their homes, so the message spreads far beyond the play that was performed.

Peer-to-peer communication has a greater impact. The messages are presented by people in the community, who are young people who are familiar with their reality and who use the same language.