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Published: 25 March 2021
Last edited: 25 March 2021
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Act4nature is an initiative launched in 2018 by the French association Entreprises  pour l’Environnement (EpE) and various French partners. The objective is to mobilize enterprises on their direct and indirect impacts, their dependencies and their capacity to act in favour of nature.  This alliance between companies, public organisations, scientists and NGOs has one ambition: create an international and collective dynamic to protect, restore and highlight biodiversity. The implication of CEOs from all sectors makes the attainment of this goal possible.


Act4nature international is a French organisation based on voluntary commitments for biodiversity made by international companies. It is led by EpE under a multi-stakeholder steering committee which approved the fact that individual commitments of the companies are SMART.

In 2018 and 2020, 65 then 50 enterprises published their commitments on the website: 


East Europe
North Europe
West and South Europe
Scale of implementation
Area-wide development
Buildings and facilities
Coral reef
Forest ecosystems
Freshwater ecosystems
Marine and coastal ecosystems
Pool, lake, pond
River, stream
Rocky reef / Rocky shore
Salt marsh
Temperate deciduous forest
Temperate evergreen forest
Urban ecosystem and build environment
Wetland (swamp, marsh, peatland)
Biodiversity mainstreaming
Ecosystem services
Science and research
Sustainable financing
Inefficient management of financial resources
Lack of access to long-term funding
Lack of alternative income opportunities
Aichi targets
Target 1: Awareness of biodiversity increased
Target 2: Biodiversity values integrated
Target 3: Incentives reformed
Target 4: Sustainable production and consumption
Target 5: Habitat loss halved or reduced
Target 6: Sustainable management of aquatic living resources
Target 7: Sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and forestry
Target 8: Pollution reduced
Target 9: Invasive alien species prevented and controlled
Target 10: Ecosystems vulnerable to climate change
Target 11: Protected areas
Target 12: Reducing risk of extinction
Target 13: Safeguarding genetic diversity
Target 14: Ecosystem services
Target 15: Ecosystem restoration and resilience
Target 16: Access to and sharing benefits from genetic resources
Target 17: Biodiversity strategies and action plans
Target 18: Traditional knowledge
Target 19: Sharing information and knowledge
Target 20: Mobilizing resources from all sources
Business engagement approach
Direct engagement with a company
Direct engagement with associations
Indirect through consumers
Indirect through financial institutions
Indirect through government
Indirect through legal actors




After two years, act4nature international has allowed to: 

  • Raise awareness and mobilise CEOs and managers from international companies on the necessity of a better integration of biodiversity in their activities and strategies. 
  • Make a French voice heard in the global Business for Nature coalition: it is a coalition of businesses who seek to engage with international organisations dedicated to biodiversity. The coalition seeks to contribute to the ambitious agreement at the 2021 Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). 
  • Showcase French companies at the international level by highlighting the quality of their relevant methods, actions and solutions. 
  • Support a wider participation of employees in benefitting nature. The 65 committed companies represented 3.5 million of employees. Many of these employees were encouraged to act at the local level (especially CSR departments), after their CEOs showed commitment, which reinforced their interest for their work and attachment to their companies. 


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