On line library for a marine extractive reserve in the Brazilian Northeast

Marine Extractive Reserve Acaú-Goiana
Published: 23 July 2015
Last edited: 05 October 2020
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The online library of the Marine Extractive Reserve Acaú-Goiana was developed, and is maintained, by undergraduate students at the Federal University of Pernambuco to improve access to information about the territory of the MPA. Other objectives achieved were having a low-cost and high visibility action; collecting sound information for the MPA management plan; identifying knowledge gaps and connecting researchers based at geographically distant institutions.


South America
Scale of implementation
Coastal forest
Marine and coastal ecosystems
Ecosystem services
Habitat fragmentation and degradation
Outreach & communications
Protected area governance
Protected area management planning
Science and research
Loss of Biodiversity
Ecosystem loss
Lack of technical capacity
Lack of public and decision maker’s awareness


Reserva Extrativista Acaú-Goiana, Goiana - State of Pernambuco, Brazil
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The initiative provides free access to all the academic and administrative documents of primary interest of the RESEX; availability whereever there is an internet connection; convergence of all the ecological, social and managerial information for researchers and community (teachers, NGOs etc); involvement of undergraduate students in Oceanography in a professional activity; incentive for registering the action at different sites and platforms, offering opportunities of replication of the initiative; new online libraries in other MPAs in Brazil (e.g. Marine National Park of Fernando de Noronha); to advertise the RESEX across the region and among other audiences beyond the conventional groups interested in marine/coastal conservation.

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