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Fires in Yellowstone

The annual 3 million visitors in Yellowstone are provided with a unique opportunity to experience the beautiful 2.2 acre ecosystem. With such a large site, the renting of electric vehicles is crucial to preserve the park’s current state, and minimize carbon emissions. In cases where gasoline engines are used, the national park could charge a previously established fee that could further provide an extra income to alleviate a drought that Yellowstone is facing. Due to global warming, the park’s precipitation levels that previously fell as snow now fall as rain. With higher temperatures, evaporation levels increase resulting in droughts and increased fires throughout the park. Incentivizing the use of electric vehicles would not only contribute to a cleaner park and environment but would diminish the release of toxic gasses that harm the ecosystem. Especially, through the United State’s leasing for fuel efficient vehicles, this change would not be as drastic, financially, for its park visitors. 

Last update: 01 Dec 2023
Challenges addressed
Increasing temperatures
Land and Forest degradation
Ecosystem loss
Infrastructure development
Lack of public and decision maker’s awareness
Poor monitoring and enforcement
Scale of implementation
Temperate evergreen forest
Pool, lake, pond
River, stream
Tundra or montane grassland
Disaster risk reduction
Erosion prevention
Sustainable financing
Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 82190, United States
North America

This proposal directly will affect two important factors inside the park. First, it will provide the ecosystem’s flora and fauna with better conditions to thrive by diminishing the chemicals present in rainfall. With increasing levels of nitrogen acidification levels in bodies of water has been a concern. With higher levels of nitrogen, there is an increase of invasive flora species that are susceptible to wildfires. By improving the air quality inside the park, Yellowstone provides its ecosystem with the opportunity to develop and adapt against its increasing temperatures.

 Financially for Yellowstone, providing fees against gasoline engines could provide an extra piece of income in order to preserve the national park. Investing in future potential issues is crucial in order to preserve its ecosystem. Providing a medium to increment margins while protecting the environment which people pay to go see is a great opportunity for the park’s development.

Finally, socially providing awareness for the conservation of the park and to one’s transport of choice, may influence decision making outside of the park. Using Yellowstone’s size and environmental stature, as a medium to highlight the importance of one’s transportation of choice, could prove crucial to diminish carbon emissions and minimization of ecological deterioration.

Sustainable Development Goals
SDG 13 – Climate action
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