QBook – A QGIS Cookbook for the Pacific GIS Community

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QBook – A QGIS Cookbook for the Pacific GIS Community
Supporting the sustainable planning of marine biodiversity in Pacific Island States, MACBIO assists partners in their efforts to strengthen GIS capacity and address the demand for license-free spatial data tools in the region. Based on the open-source application QGIS, the “QBook” is a free, dynamic, Moodle-based, on and offline GIS training hub and marketplace. This QGIS “Cookbook” provides easy access to GIS training materials, data and resources for regional GIS beginners & practitioners.
Last update: 29 Mar 2019
Challenges addressed
Lack of technical capacity
Lack of public and decision maker’s awareness
Poor monitoring and enforcement
Scale of implementation
Deep sea
Open sea
Coral reef
Species management
Protected and conserved areas governance
Coastal and marine spatial management
Science and research
Fisheries and aquaculture
Suva, Central Division, Fiji
A close collaboration with the Geoscience Division of the Pacific Community, the University of the South Pacific and a growing range of partner organizations around the QBook was established. This provides a conduit for a variety of spatial data applications, such as mapping and monitoring the status of natural resources and their uses, e.g. as part of marine and terrestrial spatial planning. GIS Training follows two approaches. Tutorial based training in line with skills is complemented with problem based training in line with themes/scenarios. Thus the QBook offers relatable learning based on local scenarios, tailored to the users’ background, supporting open source as well as licensed GIS software. This offer is currently used by over 200 active users throughout the region. Beyond these training opportunities, the QBook is a Pacific wide marketplace and platform for exchange on GIS and spatial planning, data and resources. Currently eight national and regional organisations are actively using and contributing, as well as jointly administering the platform.
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