Strengthening the legal framework for the protection of Bahla Fort, Oman

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Bahla Fort
Ministry of Heritage and Tourism of Oman

Managing a World Heritage property is challenging due to the complexity of managing a living heritage place as well as the lack of legal means in the enforcement of management plans and actions.

On this basis, the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism of Oman has developed and enforced a revised legal framework to ensure the application and implementation of the management plan of Bahla Fort and its sustainable use. Joint efforts by the Ministry and other government entities have led to Ministerial Decision No. 81/2019 in 13/5/2019, which officially adopts the Regulations of the Bahla Fort Site Management and provides legal base for achieving heritage management objectives.

The new Decision has been adopted in consultation with all actors concerned and it regulates the establishment of cross-ministerial and inter-governmental governance arrangements.

Last update: 03 Nov 2022
Challenges addressed
Poor monitoring and enforcement
Scale of implementation
Hot desert
Local actors
Outreach & communications
World Heritage
Bahla, Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate, Oman
West Asia, Middle East
  • The adoption of the Regulations of the Bahla Fort Site Management has contributed in managemen, monitoring, , and safeguarding the heritage place and it supports the promotion of benefits for local communities.
  • The the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism the primary responsibility in the management and decision-making process based on the outcomes of the management plan.
  • The identifies the responsibilities of each government institution involved at the site, which include the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism; the Bahla Municipality representing the Ministry of Interior; the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources; the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning; the Ministry of endowment and religious affairs, and local communities.
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