Pedro Paucarcaja

I was born in a farm, all my infancy I lived surrounded with great nature, the water of a spring was my favorite place and the trees of handle and cocoa where we were playing with my brothers, also two dogs were my partners of adventures. Then I went out to studying the university and left my house (the paradise), while he was studying I realize that the world this one walked to his destruction, I formulated many questions and realized them also to my teachers, nobody could give me a response to my questions of because the human beings destroy their own hearth; so I took the reins of this problem, I looked for responses in other places, out of the cities, am walking very much along the whole Peru, speaking with elders of native communities of the Amazons, Andean and coast, I learned of them ancestral knowledge that now I am putting into practice, fusing the ancestral and old thing with the science, the technology and the new thing, thanks to everything lived previously this one is born initiative that I am promoting, today it is turning into a mission of life. I have hope and this one in the children, young people and the ancestral knowledge, want the life of human beings in harmony with the nature and of all the beings bióticos and abioticos, our only house is the Earth and we all live together. ' I believe that the world belongs to the dreamers of good cause '.

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