Publicado: 08 Septiembre 2021
Última edición: 08 Septiembre 2021

Some community groups and members are not directly involved in fishing but can influence the change that you need to happen. In this project we are engaging students and their teachers, sports and arts to raise awareness and secure wider public support. We organize school debates where students debate about fishing and gender inequalities, fishing and climate change, fishing and pollution of marine ecosystem, etc in the presence of their parents. We also have traditional dancing groups to entertain and convey the message. We support school teams through provision of sports gear and organization of class and inter and intra-school competitions. We also engage school administrations to promote school afforestation for which we provide seedlings. 


Educación, entrenamiento y otras actividades de desarrollo de capacidades
Evaluación, medidas de efectividad y aprendizaje
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

1. Good public relations 

2. Partnership with other organizations - those who are interested in other issues e.g. sports, afforestation, gender equality, etc.

Lessons learned

1. Involving each and everyone in the community speeds up achievement of your main project

2. Students and Teachers are key change agents in rural communities

3. Sports and culture are powerful vehicles through which your message can reach out your target group

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