Engaging the community in endangered species protection

Caretta Environmental Association
Publicado: 01 Septiembre 2016
Última edición: 29 Marzo 2019
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Santa Cruz is a coastal community with about 26 thousands inhabitants with a strong past history of sea turtle slaughter and consumption as well as marine degradation. This solution addresses raising awareness and effectively engaging the community in endangered species protection and marine conservation.


África Occidental y Central
Escala de aplicación
Ecosistemas marinos y costeros
Mar abierto
Desechos marinos
Manejo espacial de la zona marino-costera
Servicios ecosistémicos
Contaminación (incluida la eutrofización y la basura)
Pérdida de ecosistemas
Falta de conciencia del público y de los responsables de la toma de decisiones
Deficiente vigilancia y aplicación de la ley
Metas de Aichi
Meta 8: Reducción de la contaminación
Meta 12: Reducir el riesgo de extinción


Santa Cruz, Cape Verde


• Slaughter and consumption of sea turtle meat and eggs. • Discharge of plastic into the ocean by fishermen and residents.


The local community and the entire planet as we all depend on a healthy oceans.

¿ Cómo interactúan los building blocks en la solución?

The building blocks are implemented in a logical and strategic sequence in order to ensure taking full advantage of the lesson learned and transfer it to the next one. The people involved in the solution are taken from one building block to another and accumulate lessons learned. The building block interacts with one another by strengthening the lessons learned to the next one.

Impactos positivos

• Reduction of garbage dump and plastic at sea. • Reduction of sea turtle death due to plastic Ingestion. • Increase of sea turtles nesting on the beach. • Fishermen became part of the solution and their children are prepared to become better citizens.


“Before 2012 I used to witness slaughter and consumption of sea turtle meat and eggs, discharge of plastic in the sea by fishermen and residents. As a young biologist I am passionate about nature and the marine Environment. I was motivated and inspired to do whatever necessary to reverse the situation. I joined a group of young people who had the idea of creating an organization to raise awareness among the community and make them part of the solution. We created “Caretta Association” for the protection of sea turtles and the marine environment. The project is currently implemented in the main and largest island of Cape Verde. Since the implementation of the project there has been a reduction of dead sea turtle carcasses found. Many people have engaged and some have returned to the sea animals that were kept in captivity.” (Jaquelino Lopes Varela)

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