Access to safe WASH facilities, such as toilets and handwashing facilities, as well as to hospital waste management facilities is crucial to uphold hygiene and IPC practices in HCFs. 

  • Resources 

  • Sound planning 

  • Proper operation and maintenance of the facilities 

  • Designs for barrier-free, female-friendly WASH facilities according to local and international standards 

  • The female friendly aspects include:

    - Privacy and comfort through the gender segregated toilets

    - Provision for a washroom/change room that has  a shower tray, disposal buckets,  soap and is also equipped with emergency menstrual hygiene consumables by the institutions

    - Incinerators to cater for proper disposal and management of used sanitary towels

The facilities must be appropriate, robust and easy to repair. They must be adapted to the local conditions, easy to use and easy be cleaned. If possible, selection of locations for the facilities should consider “special needs” of the users.