Indian government's Wildlife Institute of India (WII) welcomes PANORAMA workshop and prepares to contribute its own solutions

07 Octubre 2019 Audrey Vanessa Noukeu Petnguen
Wildlife Institute of India (WII)Wildlife Institute of India group workshop - what works and what doesn´t
© Wildlife Institute of India (WII)

India is one of 17 mega-biodiverse countries in the world, and has many conservation success stories to record and share. The WII-organised one day workshop, designed to teach PANORAMA, resulted in 8 valuable 'solution' case studies, mainly targeting protected areas from the Ganga river to the Himalayas.


The eight draft “solutions” will be finalized and, if eligible, published on the PANORAMA web platform and promoted through various communication channels.

The Wildlife Institute of India has, in fact, already submitted a solution case study to PANORAMA in the past, which described the saving of the critically endangered Eld’s deer. IUCN looks forward to expanding plans for further cooperation and for the WII to systematically submit solutions from its projects to PANORAMA.

Noteworthy was the fact that although the event registration stated that only twenty seats were available on a "first come, first served" basis, eventual space was made for the oversubscription, with thirty-five attendees.

Conducted by Marie Fischborn of the Global Protected Areas Programme, the workshop was hosted by the “Biodiversity and Ganga Conservation” project of National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) and the WII. Participants were students and faculty members.

After an introduction to PANORAMA, its approach and online platform, participants formed groups to discuss and co-design “solution” case studies based on the projects they work in.