Strengthening business involvement for biodiversity through a working group built on trust and collaboration

Publicado: 25 Junio 2020
Última edición: 25 Junio 2020
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In June 2009, the IUCN French Committee created a multi-stakeholder working group called “Business and Biodiversity” that brings together French IUCN Members and IUCN experts with the business partners of the French IUCN Committee from different sectors (energy, waste and water, cosmetics and aggregates) to find better solutions for biodiversity. This working group contributes to the development of studies and tools on different subjects such as creating and enhancing awareness among employees on biodiversity issues, corporate reporting on biodiversity, and invasive alien species management on production sites and headquarters.


Europa Occidental y del Sur
Escala de aplicación
Area-wide development
Buildings and facilities
Connective infrastructure, networks and corridors
Ecosistema urbano
Ecosistemas de agua dulce
Humedal urbano
Piscina, lago, estanque
Áreas verdes (parques, jardines, bosque urbano)
Comunicación y divulgación
Institucionalización de la biodiversidad
Marco legal y normativo
Provisión y manejo del agua
Standards/ certification
Pérdida de la biodiversidad
Falta de acceso a financiación a largo plazo
Falta de conciencia del público y de los responsables de la toma de decisiones
Objectivos de Desarrollo Sostenible
ODS 9 - Industria, innovacióne e infraestructura
ODS 12 - Producción y consumo responsables
ODS 17 - Alianzas para lograr los objetivos
Metas de Aichi
Meta 1: Aumento de la sensibilization sobre la biodiversidad
Meta 2: Valores de biodiversidad integrados
Meta 4: Producción y consumo sostenibles
Meta 5: Pérdida de hábitat reducida a la mitad o reducida
Meta 9: Especies exóticas invasoras prevenidas y controladas
Meta 17: Estrategias y planes de acción para la biodiversidad
Enfoques para el compromiso empresarial
Compromiso directo con una empresa
Compromiso directo con asociaciones
Indirecto a través del gobierno


Paris, France


While the private sector is increasingly putting in place practices to reduce its impacts on biodiversity and restore ecosystems, it is important to support them to ensure and reinforce the efficiency of their strategies and actions. Therefore, an open space of dialogue is needed between different stakeholders to share views, discuss and identify the best solutions for biodiversity.


The working group brings together IUCN members (NGOs and representatives of the French governement), IUCN experts and the French Committee's business partners (EDF, Engie, Storengy, Veolia, Primagaz, L'Occitane, HeidelbergCement France and Eqiom).

¿ Cómo interactúan los building blocks en la solución?

The IUCN French Committee organizes and brings together the members of the working group several times a year, thus creating a space of dialogue between its participants. These meetings are an opportunity for each member (state representatives, NGOs, companies) to share their opinions, ideas, skills on biodiversity issues. 

The synergies emerging from these exchanges favor efficient changes towards common objectives. They can result in publications of studies and tools for a better consideration of biodiversity by the private sector. 

Impactos positivos

This working group brings together diverse stakeholders and produces materials. This way of working, based upon cooperation and collaboration allows the stakeholders to build efficient and operational solutions. It fastens the integration of biodiversity issues in business strategies and actions. It also enables each party to understand the reality of others: the hurdles, the goals, the effective leverages and the resources. 

The outcomes of its reflections are widely shared to spread solutions, tools, and studies to reduce the impacts on biodiversity. 

So far, the working group released 6 publications which were widely shared. The latest 3 are:

  • Corporate biodiversity reporting and indicators: situation analysis and recommendations

  • Raising awareness and mobilizing employees for biodiversity  

  • Invasive alien species on business sites

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