Cities 2030: Localization of Sustainable Development Goals in Turkey

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Publicado: 17 Enero 2022
Última edición: 17 Enero 2022
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SDSN Turkey contributes to raising awareness and developing capacity among the Turkish municipalities’ staff on SDGs via its collaborations with the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, Marmara Municipalities Union and Municipalities. In this context, SDSN Turkey organized education programs such as “Cities 2030: Localization of Sustainable Development Goals” and “Sustainable Cities and Climate Change” among Turkish Municipalities and “Circular Economy and Zero Waste” webinars. SDSN Turkey also works to ensure that local studies are included in national and international reports.


Europa del Este
Scale of implementation
Area-wide development
Ecosistema urbano
Actores locales
Other theme
Resilience of the cities for climate crisis and roadmap of cities for SDGs and climate action
Species Conservation and One Health Interventions
Comunicación de riesgos, participación de la comunidad y cambio de comportamiento
Urban and Disaster Risk Management
City management, governance and finance
Falta de acceso a financiación a largo plazo
Sustainable development goals
ODS 11 - Ciudades y comunidades sostenibles
Aichi targets
Meta 19: Intercambio de información y conocimiento
Marco de Sendai
Meta 6: Incrementar la cooperación hacia países en desarrollo a través de apoyo adecuado y sustentable a fin de complementar sus acciones
Business engagement approach
Compromiso directo con asociaciones




The demand for education was high but the monetary possibilities are narrow to arrange wide-scale education programs.


The staff of the municipalities of Turkey (over 1000 municipalities in Turkey).

¿ Cómo interactúan los building blocks en la solución?

The building blocks follow this process:

1. Define the target

2. Assign the role to each party

3. Open communication among parties

4. Build trust among parties

5. Concrete and successful results satisfy the parties


Various municipalities in Turkey are inspired by the education programs of SDSN Turkey. Over 1000 staff working in the municipalities have participated in the courses and 35 municipalities built their sustainability offices. Some of them began to write Voluntary Local Reviews. SDSN Turkey contributed to the consulting, education and preparation process of Voluntary Local Reports of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara; and the second largest urban agglomeration on the Aegean Sea) and the Municipality of Sultanbeyli, Istanbul (Sultanbeyli, has served as a hub for migrants for several decades) in collaboration with UCLG-MEWA. These reports are the first Voluntary Local Reports (VLR) of Turkey. Many municipalities are in continuous communication with SDSN Turkey to elaborate sustainability (SDGs) and climate action plans. 


SDSN Turkey has initiated intensive action about the localization of SDG 11 and SDG 13 at the level of municipalities. The action has started with a Conference where the Municipalities have signed a declaration "We Are IN" and pledged to prepare their Climate Action Plans to reduce carbon emissions and take measurements to adapt to climate change, using the latest scientific information and following international standards. The municipalities have taken SDSN Turkey online courses and they began to prepare Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) to declare that they act in line with SDGs.

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