Supporting the promotion of Imraguen fishery products in Banc d'Arguin NP

Lending for women
Publicado: 31 Marzo 2015
Última edición: 01 Abril 2019
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Fishing is an important and primary activity for Imraguen populations in Banc d'Arguin National Park. Imraguen women are engaged in processing fishery products using different species of fish, the most famous is the yellow mullet. This activity often provides women with only small revenues. To support them, the park administration has set up the "Imraguen Credit Fund " with a 0% interest rate.


África Occidental y Central
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Banc d'Arguin National Park, Nouadhibou, Dakhlet Nouadhibou, Mauritania
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Impactos positivos

Towards a modernization of processing and marketing:

  • Make new modern “tikits” (traditional house where bottarga is made).
  • Create cooperatives for women.
  • Provide micro-credits with an interest rate of 0% to establish working capital for the benefit of women's groups.
  • New “tikits” allowed to improve the quality of processed products.
  • The cooperative groups enabled women to better organize themselves.
  • Micro credits allowed women to strengthen their purchasing power of mullet.
  • Value is added to a traditional product by branding it.
  • In the village of Mamghar, all processing members of the cooperative received a credit between 40 to 45,000 UM ($ 105 AUD) per woman.
  • 88 women were trained in packaging techniques of bottarga (quality and hygiene).
  • Traditional know-how (“savoir-faire”) is retained while improving processing techniques.

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